[m-rev.] HLC backend speedup for N-queens

fabrice nicol fabrnicol at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 04:16:30 AEDT 2021

Below is a benchmark of N-queens runs for N=14 to N=16, using the 
Mercury repository test file cqueens.m, slightly modified using an extra 
`solutions' predicate added to `main' and cutting down on output.
Mercury does a good job, somewhere in-between two fairly naive C++ 
implementations, and twice as fast as the closest Prolog compiler.
The C benchmark is only given as incidental reference, since its 
algorithm is heavily optimized using geometrical properties and 
low-level techniques.
What struck me particularly is that the HLC backend now outperforms the 
LLC one significantly in this test case, which is pleasantly unexpected. 
Further, the speedup increases with N (Table 2).

    Table 1   Prolog/C++/Mercury  Benchmark for N-queens
              Real execution times in seconds averaged over 5 runs

    N                        14      15 16
    Yap 6.4**  [1]          265
    SWI 8.2.1**[1]          185    1225
    C++ naive  [2]           31.8   221 1608
    Ciao 1.19* [1]           29.7   196 1452
    GNU-Prolog 1.4.5* [1]    24.8   165 1192
    Mercury asm_fast.gc      10.8    93 732
    Mercury hlc.gc            9.5    80 615
    C++ naive   [3]           4.3    28.5 190
    C optimized [4]           0.05    0.25 1.6
    Intel Core-i7 5820K CPU @ 3.30GHz, 78 GiB RAM.
    Ubuntu 20.10, gcc/g++ 10.2.0. Mercury 20.06.1 built from source.
    *Compiler. **Interpreter. Yap did not compile test file.

    [1] https://github.com/SWI-Prolog/bench/blob/master/queens_8.pl 
generalized to N queens
    [2] https://gist.github.com/iyedb/9300013
top-rated reply
    [4] http://www.ic-net.or.jp/home/takaken/e/queen/

    Table 2   HLC to LLC speedup for N-queens

    N                       14       15 16
    speedup                 12%      14% 16%

However, optimization options (-O1 to -O6) had no statistically 
significant effect on either Mercury grades, performance-wise.
If these results proved essentially correct for other common test cases, 
it might be relevant to switch the default Unix compilation grade from 
asm_fast.gc (as is currently the case) to hlc.gc.

Fabrice Nicol
Disclaimer: I'm a statistician with some experience in programming, not 
a computer scientist.

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