[m-rev.] for review: Enable non-tail-call warnings for?mutually-recursive code

Paul Bone paul at bone.id.au
Fri Mar 31 22:28:39 AEDT 2017

> Post-commit review of Paul's recent commit.
> compiler/dependency_graph.m:
>     Name the lambda predicate. Add module qualification.
> compiler/mark_tail_calls.m:
>     Use separate, independent options for warnings about non-tail recursion
>     for self- and mutually-recursive calls not just in options.m, but in the
>     internals of this module as well. This simplifies the code.
>     Clarify the code for pragmas overriding the options.

I hadn't finished editing this file.  I said that I hadn't finished, but
would be soon, in response to your review.  I have a similar change
currently bootchecking and intended to commit it this evening.

Paul Bone

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