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Paul Bone paul at bone.id.au
Mon Oct 27 19:15:31 AEDT 2014

For review by anyone.


Update contributions page and the list of developers.

Copyright assignment is unnecessary and impractical for Mercury.
We have only inconsistently applied this policy in the past.  Additionally
relicensing is intractable at this point and therefore copyright assignment
is not useful, and only serves to confuse potential developers.

This change removes the discussion of copyright assignment and relicensing
from Mercury's website.  Now this page states that we simply maintain a list
of all the developers and their employers (where applicable).

    As above.

    Also remove references to public domain as it's legally ambiguous
    (highly dependent on jurisdiction).

    Move Ian to past developers list.

    Remove the link to Zoltan's website (for consistency but I suspect it's
    also deprecated).

    Add many missing people, including Matthias G├╝demann who contributed
    code recently and raised the issue of copyright assignment recently.  I
    generated the list of people with "git log | grep Author".

    Sort people alphabetically by last name.

    Add a list of companies that contribute or have contributed to Mercury.
 development/include/contributions.inc | 41 +++++++++++----------------
 development/include/people.inc        | 52 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++--------
 2 files changed, 57 insertions(+), 36 deletions(-)

diff --git a/development/include/contributions.inc b/development/include/contributions.inc
index a208d82..63e93ab 100644
--- a/development/include/contributions.inc
+++ b/development/include/contributions.inc
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
 If you've written some code using Mercury we'd love to find out about
 it.  If you think it might be in any way useful to other people, you
 might be interested in making your code available for download.
-That way others can learn from it, use it and improve on it. 
+That way others can learn from it, use it and improve on it.
 We are happy to place it on the Mercury web and ftp sites for you.
 Fame and fortune will surely follow.
@@ -23,9 +23,8 @@ Something that meets the open source definition would be good
 (see <a href="http://www.opensource.org">www.opensource.org</a>).
 A pre-written license is always much easier to get right than rolling
 your own.  The LGPL and GPL licenses are pretty compatible with the rest
-of the Mercury distribution.  The Artistic, BSD-like (without
-advertising clause) and plain old public domain (e.g. no copyright at
-all) are also pretty popular.
+of the Mercury distribution.  The Artistic, and BSD-like (without
+advertising clause) licenses are also pretty popular.
 Apply this license to your code (e.g. make sure your source
@@ -34,7 +33,7 @@ the licensing conditions and include a file with the conditions).  A
 contact email address is also a good thing to include here.
-Make your software available on an ftp or http site
+Make your software available online
 somewhere.  If possible try to include a version number in your
 tar or zip file (e.g. mylibrary-0.4.zip or myprogram-1.2.1.tar.gz).
 If you can't do this, attach it in email in the next step.
@@ -55,34 +54,26 @@ become part of the main distribution, we'd be very interested in your
-The mercury-developers mailing list is intended for discussing proposed 
+The developers mailing list is intended for discussing proposed
 changes to the Mercury system.  If you would like to contribute reasonably
 frequently it might be a good idea to subscribe, or at least browse the
 archives of this list, simply to get an idea of the kinds of standards
 required for integrating code into the main distribution.
-There is an issue with copyright ownership in the Mercury system. 
-We'd like to retain the freedom to modify the license of the
-Mercury system in future releases (in particular, we may decide to
-dual-license the Mercury system so as to make it compatible with other
-open source licenses out there).  Doing this with hundreds of copyright
-holders is practically impossible, since you need the agreement of every
-single one of them to make changes.
+Rather than listing many authors in the header of each source file it is
+better to refer to all the authors as a group.
+Therefore in the header of each source file the copyright is assigned to
+"The Mercury Team" (since 2013), and list the authors individually on the
+<a href="people.html">authors page</a>.
-Under the current license you are free to make any modifications
-you like and distribute them.  However we ask that if you want your
-modifications to be merged back into the main line of development, you
-talk to us about this issue.  The easiest solution is to place your
-changes into the public domain (e.g. give up copyright ownership on
-them) and then we can merge them into the main compiler.  This is a nice
-simple mechanism for getting around the hundreds of authors problem.
-If you have an employer who has some control over your copyright, we
-have some standard documents for doing this kind of thing.  It is almost
-always preferable to ask an employer to sign a form than to try to explain
-the concept (possibly confusing or scaring them in the process).  Please 
-email us if you want to discuss contributing changes to the Mercury system.
+Note that if you contribute to Mercury as part of your occupation your
+employer may own the copyright on your work.
+In these cases you should talk with your employer about contributing to
+We list organisations that have contributed to Mercury on the
+<a href="people.html">authors page</a>.
diff --git a/development/include/people.inc b/development/include/people.inc
index 0d7d40b..193a5df 100644
--- a/development/include/people.inc
+++ b/development/include/people.inc
@@ -5,9 +5,7 @@ People who are currently working on the Mercury project:
 <ul class="nonindentlist">
 <li> Paul Bone, paul at mercurylang.org, PhD, (Mission Critical IT)</li>
 <li> Julien Fischer, juliensf at mercurylang.org, (Opturion)</li>
-<li> Ian MacLarty, ian at mercurylang.org, MSc, (Opturion)</li>
-<li> <a href = "http://www.cs.mu.OZ.AU/~zs/">Zoltan Somogyi</a>,
-zs at mercurylang.org, PhD</li>
+<li> Zoltan Somogyi, zs at mercurylang.org, PhD</li>
 <li> Peter Wang, (YesLogic)</li>
@@ -18,28 +16,38 @@ some of whom are still informally associated with the project:
 <div style="float: left; width: 360px; margin: -10px 60px -45px 0px;">
 <ul class="nonindentlist">
+<li> Olivier Annet</li>
 <li> Ralph Becket, research fellow</li>
+<li> Tibor Benyi</li>
+<li> Ondrej Bojar</li>
+<li> Renaud Bournonville</li>
+<li> Andrew Bromage, MSc student</li>
 <li> Mark Brown, research engineer</li>
 <li> Tibor Benyi, honours student</li>
 <li> James Bligh, directed studies student</li>
+<li> Levi Cameron, summer student</li>
+<li> Ina Cheng, summer student</li>
+<li> Waye-Ian Chiew, summer student</li>
 <li> Thomas Conway, PhD student</li>
 <li> Michael Day, summer student (YesLogic)</li>
 <li> Tyson Dowd, PhD student</li>
+<li> Yoann Dubreuil</li>
 <li> Andrew Ebert, summer student</li>
-<li> Paul Incani, summer student</li>
-<li> David Jeffery, PhD student</li>
-<li> Julian Grady, summer student</li>
-<li> Andrew Bromage, MSc student</li>
-<li> Levi Cameron, summer student</li>
-<li> Ina Cheng, summer student</li>
-<li> Waye-Ian Chiew, summer student</li>
 <li> Richard Fothergill, summer student</li>
+<li> James Goddard</li>
+<li> Sebastian Godelet</li>
+<li> Matthias Güdemann</li>
+<li> Julian Grady, summer student</li>
+<li> Fransiska Nathania Handoko</li>
 <li> Warwick Harvey, research fellow (Monash University)</li>
+<li> Peter Hawkins</li>
 <li> Fergus Henderson, research fellow</li>
 <li> Fransiska Handoko, summer student</li>
 <li> Oliver Hutchinson, summer student</li>
 <li> Robert Hutton, summer student</li>
+<li> Paul Incani, summer student</li>
 <li> Erwan Jahier, jahier at imag.fr,
+<li> David Jeffery, PhD student</li>
 research assistant (Verimag in Grenoble, France)</li>
 <li> Darko Jankovic, summer student</li>
 <li> Robert Jeschofnik, directed studies student</li>
@@ -50,29 +58,51 @@ research assistant (Verimag in Grenoble, France)</li>
 <ul class="nonindentlist">
 <li> Charles Kemp, summer student</li>
 <li> Jane Langley, summer student</li>
+<li> Ian MacLarty, masters student</li>
 <li> Peter Malkin, summer student</li>
+<li> Nancy Mazur</li>
 <li> Simon Mei, summer student</li>
 <li> Ben Mellor, honours student</li>
 <li> Leon Mika, honours student</li>
+<li> Jonathan Morgan</li>
+<li> Peter Moulder</li>
 <li> Lee Naish, senior lecturer</li>
 <li> David Overton, PhD student</li>
 <li> Bill Peden, honours student</li>
-<li> Quan Phan, PhD student, (Catholic University of Leuven)</li>
 <li> Adrian Pellas-Rice, summer student</li>
+<li> Quan Phan, PhD student, (Catholic University of Leuven)</li>
 <li> Peter Ross, MEngSc student</li>
+<li> Michael T. Richter</li>
+<li> Kostis Sagonas</li>
 <li> Peter Schachte, lecturer</li>
+<li> Ben Schmidt</li>
+<li> Dylan Shuttleworth</li>
 <li> Harald Søndergaard, senior lecturer</li>
 <li> Steven Siew, honours student</li>
 <li> Chris Speirs, summer student</li>
+<li> Jéröme Tannier</li>
 <li> Simon Taylor, research assistant</li>
 <li> Vanessa Teague, summer student</li>
 <li> Bert Thompson, research assistant</li>
 <li> Sam Thurairatnam, summer student</li>
+<li> Samrith Uong</li>
 <li> Nicolas Watmough, summer student</li>
 <li> Geoff Wilson, summer student</li>
 <li> Michael Wybrow, summer student</li>
 <li> Lars Yencken, summer student</li>
+<div style="clear: both;">
+The following organisations have contributed to Mercury.
+<ul class="nonindentlist">
+<li><a href="http://www.missioncriticalit.com">Mission Critical IT</a></li>
+<li><a href="http://www.opturion.com">Opturion</a></li>
+<li><a href="http://www.unimelb.edu.au">The University of Melbourne</a></li>
+<li><a href="http://www.yeslogic.com">YesLogic<a></li>

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