[m-rev.] fix mantis #308

Matthias GÜDEMANN matthias.gudemann at systerel.fr
Mon Feb 3 20:28:27 AEDT 2014

Hi Paul and Zoltan

thanks a lot for keeping me updated about this (please use my
matthias.gudemann at gmail.com address - here in Reply-To - this is now my
default address on github)

Le lundi 03 février vers 10h Zoltan Somogyi) a écrit:

> Yes, error messages are made up of several components. Each component
> is supposed to have a meaning. In this case, there are separate
> paragraphs for (1) the context, (2) the nature of the error, (3) and
> (4) the two things whose mismatch is the error.

In my opinion this is a very sensible approach. I came across error
messages that consist of the context, the nature and the causes, where
the actual causes of the errors were on different, separate lines (I had
not thought about this possibility before).

As Flycheck is line-oriented, the above situation therefore leads to the
error reported in different lines, which is seen as different errors.

Nevertheless, these situations are quite rare, and it would be no
problem to parse differently, e.g., marking the error in the line
indicated by the message and marking further separate lines as 'info
level instead of 'error.

>> are still multiple lines per error.  Does this address the problem
>> you were having or do you need all the newlines removed?

I think it does solve the problem, I will soon test it.

> I wrote the diff this way because I thought this output would be the
> easiest format to postprocess automatically. However, if you
> (Matthias) want every component squished together into one giant line,

thank you very much for the offer, but I really think the problem is
solved with the current behavior. My main goal was to prevent having
error messages with very narrow lines, changing the width depending on
the filename.

Best regards,

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