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-<title>The Mercury Project: Remote CVS Access </title>
-<body bgcolor="#ABCDEF" text="#000000">
-<h2>Using the CVS client to remotely access the Mercury CVS archive</h2>
-Author: Tyson Dowd -- trd at cs.mu.oz.au 
-Almost all work in the Mercury project is under revision control using
-CVS.  The sources, documentation, test-cases, webpages and samples
-are all stored under various modules of the CVS repository on
-filesystems here at the University of Melbourne. CVS allows
-client-server access to this repository. This document describes how
-to use the CVS archive remotely.
-You need:
-	<li> A version of CVS with client server support (1.9 works fine)
-	  installed at the remote end. Probably anything newer than
-	  1.5 will work OK.
-	<li> A TCP/IP connection to the Internet.
-Anonymous Access:
-	<li> The CVS server is running on <b>cvs.mercury.csse.unimelb.edu.au</b>,
-	and the
-	repository is in the directory <b>/home/mercury/mercury1/repository</b>
-	<li> The anonymous access account is called <i>guest</i> with a
-		password of <i>guest</i>
-	<li> To login (you need to do this just once)
-	cvs -d :pserver:guest at cvs.mercury.csse.unimelb.edu.au:/home/mercury/mercury1/repository login
-	<li> The password is <i>guest</i>
-	<li> To checkout a module 
-	cvs -d :pserver:guest at cvs.mercury.csse.unimelb.edu.au:/home/mercury/mercury1/repository checkout mercury
-	<li> There is a list of modules later in this page.
-	<li> You will have read-only access to the repository.  If you
-	want to commit something you will need to get someone with
-	read-write access to do it for you.  If you send your patch to
-	the mercury-developers mailing list you should be able to get
-	this done.
-	<li> You almost certainly want to add the following lines to
-	your .cvsrc (in your home directory).
-	cvs -z6
-	diff -u -N
-	update -Pd
-	<li> This turns on compression in client/server transfers, uses
-	the preferred Mercury diff format (unified diff with new files
-	shown as diffs), prunes empty directories and picks up new
-	directories.
-	<li> Please remember that if you want to track the latest
-	releases, you may run into incompatibility problems unless you
-	update very regularly.  The Mercury compiler often relies on a
-	very recent version of the Mercury compiler to build from
-	scratch.  If you get out of date, it might be worth downloading
-	the latest release-of-the-day and installing it.
-Getting Write Access:
-	<li> The preferred method for remote write access to the CVS repository
-	is through ssh (using version 2 of the ssh protocol) using public key
-	authentication.
-	You will need to install an ssh client on your machine if you do not
-	already have one.
-	<li> If you do not have an ssh version 2 key pair on your machine you
-	will need to generate one using
-	<pre>
-	ssh-keygen -t rsa
-	</pre>
-	<li> Send your public key <tt>.ssh/id_rsa.pub</tt> to a member of the
-	Mercury team and get them to do the following steps:
-	<ol>
-		<li>
-			Create an account for the new user using LDAP,
-                        see new_user in the local CVS module.
-		</li>
-		<li> Create a file <tt>.ssh/authorized_keys</tt> in the
-			user's home directory and add the user's public key to
-			that file.  The key should be all on one line, and at
-			the start of the line you should add the string
-			<pre>
-                	command="cvs server",no-port-forwarding
-			</pre>
-			This prevents the user from doing anything with their
-			account except using the CVS server.
-	</ol>
-	<li> 
-	Access via Windows should work just fine.  Most firewalls are
-	  setup to allow ssh access through.  You can get a free
-	  binary (and source) CVS for Windows from 
-	  <a href="http://www.cyclic.com/">www.cyclic.com</a>.
-	  Also there is a product called 
-	  <a href="http://www.wincvs.com/">WinCVS</a> that should
-	  work (although we haven't tried it ourselves).
-	  CVS and OpenSSH are also both included in
-	  <a href="http://cygwin.com/">Cygwin</a>.
-Then (once your account is set up):
-	<li> Set your CVSROOT environment variable to
-	<pre>
-	:ext:username at cvs.mercury.csse.unimelb.edu.au:/home/mercury/mercury1/repository
-	</pre>
-	  Make sure this environment variable is exported (in sh
-	  based shells, "export CVSROOT", in csh based shells, use
-	  "setenv" to set the environment variable in the first place).
-	<li>  Set your CVS_RSH environment variable to "ssh".
-	<li> There are some checks that are done via questions.
-	In particular, our CVS repository does checks for up-to-date copyright
-	messages on all files.
-	For remote users this requires an X connection so you will probably want
-	to turn on X forwarding by adding the following to your
-	<tt>~/.ssh/config</tt> file:
-	<pre>
-	Host cvs.mercury.csse.unimelb.edu.au
-	ForwardX11 yes
-	</pre>
-	If you are not running an X server and you are having problems
-	committing changes because of this, please contact us.
-	<li> You can do "cvs co mercury" to check out the main mercury
-	  module. This can take a while over a slow connection, but you
-	  should see pretty steady progress messages, eg:
-	  <pre>
-	  	U mercury/.INSTALL.in
-		U mercury/.README.in
-		U mercury/.cvsignore
-		U mercury/BUGS
-		U mercury/COPYING
-		U mercury/COPYING.LIB
-		etc
-	  </pre>
-	<li> The CVS modules you might need access to are:
-		<dl>
-	  	<dt>mercury	<dd> the mercury compiler, runtime, library,
-				  extras and documentation (big)
-	  	<dt>tests	<dd> test cases for the compiler (big)
-		<dt>w3		<dd> the www page (several Mb - lots of papers)
-		</dl>
-	  CVS should compress most of this stuff while sending it.
-	<li> All developers should subscribe to the mercury-developers
-	  mailing list.  Serious developers should also subscribe to the
-	  mercury-reviews mailing list,
-	  to keep up-to-date on development discussion, and 
-	  to be able to participate in discussions about code they
-	  want to change.  The mercury-developers list is a forum to ask
-	  questions about how to change something, discuss design trade-offs,
-	  and report on any development that you suspect will influence others.
-	  The mercury-reviews list is used for posting and reviewing diffs,
-	  although it often also contains design discussions about issues
-	  that have arisen during code review.
-	  (Traffic on mercury-reviews is moderately high - between
-	  100 and 300 messages per month, so you should filter into
-	  a separate folder if possible).
-	<li> Before committing any code, read the policy on reviews for the
-	  Mercury system. This can be found in the mercury CVS
-	  module:
-	  <ul>
-	  	<li> mercury/compiler/notes/reviews.html
-	  </ul>
-	  or
-	  <ul>
-	  	<li>on the <a href="../doc-latest/reviews.html">web</a>
-	  </ul>
-	  Basically, we don't commit broken code into the repository,
-	  and we don't commit un-reviewed code.
-	<li> You'll need to be familiar with CVS to keep up to date with
-	  the development tree. If you haven't used it before, read the
-	  info pages on CVS and the documentation that comes with it.
-	  There is a free book on CVS at 
-	  <a href="http://cvsbook.red-bean.com/">cvsbook.red-bean.com</a>
-	<li> If you have any questions, just ask.
-Comments? See our <a href = "../../contact.html" >contact</a> page.<br>
-Last update was $Date: 2011-09-07 04:50:15 $ by $Author: pbone $@csse.unimelb.edu.au
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-<!--- Completely out of date.
-<h3><a href="developers/remote_cvs.html">Remote CVS Access</a></h3>
-	<p>
-	How to access the CVS repository from your machine.</p>
-	</li>
 <h3><a href="developers/c_coding_standard.html">C Coding Standard For The Mercury Project</a></h3>
 	<p>The standard used for the C source in the Mercury compiler. </p>

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