[m-rev.] for review: add ssdb_builtin.m to std library

Julien Fischer juliensf at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Mon Oct 1 12:06:21 AEST 2007

On Mon, 1 Oct 2007, Peter Ross wrote:

> On 9/28/07, Peter Ross <pro at missioncriticalit.com> wrote:
>> Estimated hours taken: 8
>> Branches: main
>> Add the infrastructure for a new debugger which is implemented purely
>> in Mercury.  This debugger will be used in grades which the current debugger
>> doesn't support.
>> compiler/mercury_compile.m:
>>         Add the code to call the ssdb pass.
>> library/ssdb_builtin.m:
>>         The module which will hold the built-ins used by the source
>>         to source transformation.
>> library/library.m:
>>         Add ssdb_builtin.
>> mdbcomp/prim_data.m:
>>         Handle the new builtin module.
> Is there any problems to check this in, before discussing the design
> of the ssdb?

Is there any point in checking it in before discussing the design of
the ssdb?

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