[m-rev.] diff: making DU types of hlds_goal, instruction, item_and_context, etc

Zoltan Somogyi zs at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Sat Jan 6 20:22:07 AEDT 2007

I am committing this now because waiting for other commits would cause
conflicts for the workspace it is in. I expect it will cause conflicts
in other workspaces (including mine), but any such conflicts should be
very simple to fix: just select your version, and then change "-" to
the appropriate function symbol.

I bootchecked this diff in four different grades at -O5 without any new
test case failures.

The log message is below. The diff is huge and boring; if anyone wants
to look, it is in ~zs/tmp/DIFF.pairs.


This diff changes a few types from being defined as equivalent to a pair
to being discriminated union types with their own function symbol. This
was motivated by an error message (one of many, but the one that broke
the camel's back) about "-" being used in an ambiguous manner. It will
reduce the number of such messages in the future, and will make compiler
data structures easier to inspect in the debugger.

The most important type changed by far is hlds_goal, whose function symbol
is now "hlds_goal". Second and third in importance are llds.instruction
(function symbol "llds_instr") and prog_item.m's item_and_context (function
symbol "item_and_context"). There are some others as well.

In several places, I rearranged predicates to factor the deconstruction of
goals into hlds_goal_expr and hlds_goal_into out of each clause into a single
point. In many places, I changed variable names that used "Goal" to refer
to just hlds_goal_exprs to use "GoalExpr" instead. I also changed variable
names that used "Item" to refer to item_and_contexts to use "ItemAndContext"
instead. This should make reading such code less confusing.

I renamed some function symbols and predicates to avoid ambiguities.

I only made one algorithmic change (at least intentionally).
In assertion.m, comparing two goals for equality now ignores goal_infos
for all kinds of goals, whereas previously it ignored them for most kinds
of goals, but for shorthand goals it was insisting on them being equal.
This seemed to me to be a bug. Pete, can you confirm this?
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