[m-rev.] diff: rename function symbols to reduce ambiguity

Zoltan Somogyi zs at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Sun Aug 20 18:20:00 AEST 2006

This diff contains no algorithmic changes. It merely renames apart a bunch of
function symbols to reduce ambiguity. Basically I went through prog_data.m,
prog_item.m, hlds_data.m, hlds_goal.m and hlds_pred.m looking for type
definitions containing function symbol names that were either language
"keywords" (e.g. "terminates", which is an annotation on foreign_procs),
used with slightly different meanings in several types (e.g. "sym"),
or both (e.g. "call"). When I found such type definitions, I changed the
names of the function symbols, usually by adding a prefix or suffix
indicating the type to all function symbols of the type. For example,
the old function symbol "foreign_proc" in type "pragma_type" is now named
"pragma_foreign_proc", and the names of all other function symbols in that
type also start with "pragma_".

All of this should yield simpler compiler error messages when we make mistakes,
and will make it more likely that looking up a function symbol using a tags
file will take you to the actual definition of the relevant instance of that
function symbol. However, the most important benefit is the increase in
the readability of unfamiliar code; the reader won't have to emulate the
compiler's type ambiguity resolution algorithm (which in many cases used to
require distinguishing between f/14 and f/15 by counting the arguments,
e.g. for "pred_or_func").

	Rename function symbols as explained above.

	Conform to the function symbol renames.

	In some cases, rename other function symbols as well.

	Minor style fixes, e.g. replace if-then-elses with switches,
	or simple det predicates with functions.

The diff itself is very big and very boring; it is available in the file

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