[m-rev.] for prelim review: "Recursive make considered harmful" support

Ralph Becket rafe at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Wed Nov 9 10:28:46 AEDT 2005

Peter Ross, Tuesday,  8 November 2005:
> Estimated hours taken: 4
> Branches: main, release
> Implement support for writing Mmakefile in the style of
> "Recursive make considered harmful".
> This consists of two parts, getting mmake to ignore the .d files in the
> current directory.  The second part is adding support to the compiler to
> write out just the .d file.

Can you include some explanation for why these changes to .d file
handling are necessary?

> scripts/mmake.in:
> 	If the environment variable MMAKE_USE_DS is set to no then don't
> 	include the ds in the temporary Mmakefile.

By `ds' I presume you mean the .d files?  This isn't clear.

Otherwise that looks all right to me.

-- Ralph
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