[m-rev.] for review: accurately calculate depth to build subtrees to

Ian MacLarty maclarty at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Fri May 13 12:54:50 AEST 2005

On 13 May 2005, at 00:31, Julien Fischer wrote:
>> What about:
>> The time (in milliseconds since the start of the program) when 
>> collecting of
>> events, for the current portion of the annotated trace being 
>> materialized,
>> started.
> s/collecting/collection/, otherwise that's fine


>> 		** The front end requires a subtree to be made explicit.
>> 		** Restart the declarative debugger with the appropriate depth
>> 		** limit.  We subtract 1 from the depth limit, since nodes will
>> 		** be materialized one level below the depth limit.  This is
>> 		** done so that the correct contour can be built at the depth
>> 		** limit.  See the comment above the definition of
> Presumably that's the comment for the definitino of
> MR_TRACE_EVENT_TOO_DEEP, so s/above/for/.

Yes, changed.

>>>> +	** We can't show progress when building a supertree since we don't
>>>> +	** know what the final event will be.
>>> Isn't that behaviour potentially confusing?  If it takes a long time
>>> to build the supertree, might a user not just assume that something
>>> has gone wrong with the debugger.  Is it possible to get it to 
>>> display
>>> some sort of progress indicator, even if it's not like the other one?
>> Yes it's possible, but building of supertrees will happen much less 
>> often than
>> building of subtrees (since once a node has been asserted erroneous, 
>> no more
>> supertrees need be built).
> I think the fact that it will only happen rarely will make the 
> difference in
> behaviour look more like a bug; however I guess it isn't really all 
> that
> important.  I was just wondering if was (easily) possible to display
> something when building the supertrees.

Okay, how about if I'm building a supertree I just print a dot every 
second?  That would be pretty easy to do.  I'll do that and also add a 
summary of how subtrees and supertrees are built to the top of 
mercury_trace_declarative.c and then I'll post the interdiff for 



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