[m-rev.] diff/for review: break up make_hlds.m

Julien Fischer juliensf at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Mon Jul 25 23:30:57 AEST 2005

On Mon, 25 Jul 2005, Zoltan Somogyi wrote:

> Divide make_hlds.m into submodules of manageable size.
Great job!

> compiler/make_hlds.m:
> 	Distribute all the code that was previous here to new submodules.
> 	Include those submodules. Keep the existing interface of this module
> 	by defining predicates that do nothing except call the actual
> 	implementation in one of those submodules. The only changes visible
> 	from outside are the renaming of a predicate and the creation of a
> 	second name, make_hlds_qual_info, for qual_info. Both changes are
> 	designed to avoid ambiguity in the presence of intermodule
> 	optimization.
> compiler/add_aditi.m:
> 	Submodule for dealing with aditi-specific issues.
> compiler/add_class.m:
> 	Submodule for handling typeclasses.
> compiler/add_clause.m:
> 	Submodule for handling the general processing of clauses.
> compiler/add_pred.m:
> 	Submodule for handling new predicates.
> compiler/add_special_pred.m:
> 	Submodule for handling special (unify/compare/index/init) predicates.
> compiler/add_type.m:
> 	Submodule for handling new types.
> compiler/add_mode.m:
> 	Submodule for handling new insts and modes.
> compiler/add_solver.m:
> 	Submodule for handling new solver types.
> compiler/add_pragma.m:
> 	Submodule for handling new solver types.
There's a cut-and-paste error here.

> compiler/state_var.m:
> 	Submodule for handling the state variable transformation.
> compiler/superhomogeneous.m:
> 	Submodule for converting clauses to superhomogeneous form.
> compiler/field_access.m:
> 	Submodule for field access syntax.
> compiler/make_hlds_passes.m:
> 	Submodule containing the code performs passes on the item list,
> 	adding things to the HLDS, calling the other submodules as necessary.
s/code performs/code that performs/

> compiler/make_hlds_warn.m:
> 	Submodule that looks for constructs that merit warnings.
> compiler/make_hlds_error.m:
> 	Submodule containing error messages used by more than one submodule.
> compiler/hlds_pred.m:
> 	Since this module defines the clauses_info and proc_id types, move
> 	the predicates that initialize values of that type here as well from
> 	make_hlds.m (deleting an unnecessary parameter from one).
> compiler/hlds_pred.m:
> compiler/prog_data.m:
> 	Move the type tvar_name_map from from hlds_pred.m to prog_data.m,
> 	since that is where similar maps are.
> compiler/check_typeclass.m:
> compiler/mercury_compile.m:
> 	Conform to the change to make_hlds_qual_info.
> compiler/hlds_out.m:
> compiler/prog_out.m:
> 	Replace two identical predicates for printing out lists of strings
> 	in hlds_out.m and make_hlds.m with just one in prog_out.m, since that
> 	is where it belongs in the compiler.
> compiler/prog_util.m:
> 	Move some utility predicates for substitutions and term recognition
> 	here from make_hlds.m, since they are needed by more than one
> 	submodule.
> 	Make this module conform to our coding guidelines, and convert it to
> 	four-space indentation to eliminate bad line breaks.
> compiler/clause_to_proc.m:
> compiler/hlds_code_util.m:
> compiler/make_tags.m:
> compiler/prog_mode.m:
> compiler/quantification.m:
> compiler/type_util.m:
> 	Trivial formatting changes.
> compiler/notes/compiler_design.html:
> 	Describe the new modules.

I've had a quick look through the code and nothing jumped
out as being obviously wrong, so you may as well commit it.

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