[m-rev.] Trivial diff: fix hlc.par segfaults

Ralph Becket rafe at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Fri Nov 5 16:57:31 AEDT 2004

Simon Taylor, Friday,  5 November 2004:
> That should be in BUGS, not NEWS.  It would also be helpful to describe
> the "low-level concurrency bugs", and say whether .par grades are actually
> usable.

Good point.  The message is in NEWS not because anything has changed or
broken in the compiler/library, but because we no longer have any group
members who fully understand the .par code.  The .par grades are quite

The only bug I know of is that the whole program terminates when main/2
terminates, regardless of whether other threads are still running.  I
believe Zoltan and Tom know of other problems (can you let me know what
they are so I can write a more detailed BUGS message?)

-- Ralph
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