[m-rev.] For review: changes to mdb pretty printing

Julien Fischer juliensf at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Fri Nov 5 15:59:07 AEDT 2004

On Fri, 5 Nov 2004, Ian MacLarty wrote:

> For review by anyone.
> Estimated hours taken: 1.5
> Branches: main
> Rename "pretty" browser format to "raw_pretty" and "raw_pretty" to "pretty".
> Make old "pretty" format print function return values.  Remove univ_cons
> constructor around old "raw_pretty" function return values.
> browser/browse.m
> 	Rename "raw_pretty" to "pretty" and vica versa.  Use univ value when
> 	creating doc for return value.
> browser/sized_pretty.m
> 	If a synthetic term has a return value then include it in the doc.
> tests/debugger/browse_pretty.exp
> tests/debugger/browse_pretty.inp
> tests/debugger/declarative/browse_arg.exp
> tests/debugger/declarative/browse_arg.inp
> tests/debugger/declarative/dependency.exp
> tests/debugger/declarative/dependency.inp
> 	Change input and expected output where pretty or raw_pretty formats
> 	used.
> tests/debugger/browser_test.m
> tests/debugger/browser_test.exp
> tests/debugger/browser_test.inp
> 	Test printing of function applications.

That looks fine (in addition to the comments about the NEWS file).

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