[m-rev.] diff: mercury_trace_base.h #includes

Zoltan Somogyi zs at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Wed Mar 17 11:34:56 AEDT 2004

	Fix a bug reported by check_namespace on hg: import stdio.h, which may
	define functions, after the Mercury header files, which may define
	global register variables.


cvs diff: Diffing .
Index: mercury_trace_base.h
RCS file: /home/mercury/mercury1/repository/mercury/runtime/mercury_trace_base.h,v
retrieving revision 1.38
diff -u -b -r1.38 mercury_trace_base.h
--- mercury_trace_base.h	2004/03/12 06:02:07	1.38
+++ mercury_trace_base.h	2004/03/17 00:32:31
@@ -15,12 +15,12 @@
-#include <stdio.h>
+#include "mercury_engine.h"	/* for MR_MAXFLAG */
 #include "mercury_stack_layout.h"
 #include "mercury_std.h"
 #include "mercury_tabling.h"	/* for MR_TableNode */
-#include "mercury_engine.h"	/* for MR_MAXFLAG */
 #include "mercury_goto.h"	/* for MR_declare_entry */
+#include <stdio.h>		/* for FILE; should be after mercury headers */
 ** This enum should EXACTLY match the definition of the `trace_port_type'
cvs diff: Diffing GETOPT
cvs diff: Diffing machdeps
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