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Fergus Henderson fjh at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Sun Jun 24 12:11:59 AEST 2001

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	Mention that you currently need to use the 20010129 snapshot of gcc.

	New file.  Just a pointer to gcc-backend.html on the web site.

Workspace: /home/hg/fjh/ws-hg2/mercury
Index: README.gcc-backend
RCS file: README.gcc-backend
diff -N README.gcc-backend
--- /dev/null	Thu Mar 30 14:06:13 2000
+++ README.gcc-backend	Sun Jun 24 12:06:02 2001
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
+For information about the GCC-based native-code back-end for the Mercury
+compiler, see <http://www.cs.mu.oz.au/mercury/download/gcc-backend.html>.
Index: w3/download/include/gcc-backend.inc
RCS file: /home/mercury1/repository/w3/download/include/gcc-backend.inc,v
retrieving revision 1.4
diff -u -d -r1.4 gcc-backend.inc
--- w3/download/include/gcc-backend.inc	2001/03/24 02:51:06	1.4
+++ w3/download/include/gcc-backend.inc	2001/06/24 02:03:13
@@ -54,12 +54,14 @@
 The second part is the <b>gcc</b> distribution (about 450,000 lines of C).
-You'll need version 3.0 (not yet released at the time of writing),
-or a snapshot version dated February 2001 or later.
 The gcc distribution is available from the <A HREF="http://gcc.gnu.org">
 GCC web site</A>.  Or you can get it from the
 <A HREF="ftp://ftp.mercury.cs.mu.OZ.AU/pub/mercury/beta-releases/">
 Mercury ftp site</A>.
+Currently you'll need the 20010129 shapshot of gcc,
+which you can get from the GCC cvs repository
+(use the option `-rgcc_ss_20010129' when checking it out),
+or from the Mercury ftp site.
 One small <A HREF="http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc-patches/2001-01/msg00577.html">
 patch</a> must be applied to the GCC sources
 to make them work with the Mercury compiler.

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