[m-dev.] Mercury, Emscripten, and WebAssembly

Patrick Henning path at fea.st
Wed Jan 29 06:07:29 AEDT 2020

Hello all,

I am writing to request help with compiling Mercury code to WebAssembly via Emscripten. I believe this would involve using the Mercury compiler to compile the gc, runtime, standard library, etc, to c; and then using Emscripten to compile the c to WebAssembly code. From there it should be possibly to compile arbitrary Mercury code to c and then use Emscripten to compile that, linking in the previously prepared runtime and standard library and whatnot.

Does anyone know if and how it would be possbile to carry out the first step of compiling all the Mercury preliminaries to c (similar to the functionality that the '-C' flag for mmc provides)?

Thank you,
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