[m-dev.] Final 10.04 release tasks

Julien Fischer juliensf at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Tue Jul 13 18:23:48 AEST 2010


I am intending to (finally!) release version 10.04 of Mercury next
Monday, 19 July.

Here is a final list of tasks that need to be done before then:

* Try installing the 10.04-beta source distribution**, e.g. doing


and checking that (1) it runs to completion and (2) that it runs in
a "reasonable" amount of time.  Please let me know about the success
or otherwise of doing this.

(** these are pretty much up-to-date except for changes from about the
last 24 hours.)

* Check that the 10.04 version of the deep profiler is okay and that
   documentation for it is up-to-date.

 	- pbone to check on Linux
 	- juliensf to check on Mac OS X

* Check that the extras distribution is okay -- this should be the case,
   the main thing to watch out for is bitrot in Mmakefiles** and
   documentation.  (** particularly for library bindings where
   newer versions of the underling library are being used.)

* The same with the samples.

* It would be helpful if several people could run an eye over the
   documentation, particularly things like README files.

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