[m-dev.] abort in throw in deep profiling grades

Julien Fischer juliensf at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Wed Jan 9 07:39:07 AEDT 2008

On Tue, 8 Jan 2008, Peter Wang wrote:

> In the implementation of builtin_throw there is this piece of code:
>    #ifdef  MR_DEEP_PROFILING
> 	MR_fatal_error(""builtin_throw cannot (yet) invoke""
> 	    "" Mercury handlers in deep profiling grades"");
>    #endif
> I have commented that out before without (seemingly) adverse effects,
> i.e. exceptions could be caught and execution continues.  Is the abort
> only there because the EXCP port counts aren't updated yet?

IIRC, it's because the profiling data for the handler is not being
handled correctly.

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