[m-dev.] comment 1: implementation available?, re: stream proposal (part 2)

doug.auclair at logicaltypes.com doug.auclair at logicaltypes.com
Wed Feb 22 08:23:26 AEDT 2006

Dear Julien, you wrote:

>> Nicely done.  I have a comment: is there a full stand-up implementation of
>> this proposal? So that, let's say for example, a "beta-tester" may practice
>> on it: using it for standard i/o, extending in with specialized streams
>> (string_stream, pipe, etc), profiling it against io.m's i/o, etc.
>Not really - just what I attached I'm afraid.  It seems to work reasonably
>well for standard I/O - I haven't really had time to try anything else yet.

Doh!  Of course.  I see your implementation now.  I'll give it a go.  BTW, it's sweet that your implementation only takes a few lines to get the stream version of standard-io working!

>> I understand stream.m may require io.m be modified to work, and I'd be
>> delighted to build and to test such a system in a Mac/darwin or a
>> Sun/Solaris environment.
>The attached files certainly build and work.  stream_io is a bit clunky but
>the idea is that would all be moved in to the io module (which would require a
>few modifications in order to get binary file streams working - at least with
>this version of stream.m).

Another user posted a request, re: file-descriptor streams.  I see utility of merging that with the streams so that, e.g. pipes, are trivially defined.  Will something like open_FD be incorporated with this change as well? (*hope-hope-hope*).

Doug Auclair

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