[m-dev.] [CTGC] conflict options ?

Julien Fischer juliensf at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Wed Feb 1 01:55:13 AEDT 2006

This is from Nancy - the original message was too big to get
through the mail system.

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Subject: [CTGC] conflicting options ?
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I have a quite odd situation with the mercury options.

I've added a new option "structure-sharing" (long option:
data_structure_sharing_analysis) (cf. the attached options.m file).
As structure sharing analysis depends on trans-opt files, it seems
logical to me to add the line:

      make_transitive_opt_interface, bool(yes), !Globals),

in handle_options.m (see attach.).

But here is the thing when I perform structure sharing analysis on a
small example with the command line:
"lmc -V -c -d 193 -D ALL --structure-sharing nrev.m"

* without the above option_implies line, the analysis is performed,
which can be seen in the output during compilation, and the hlds-dump.
* but _with_ implication, the analysis is not done.

The same thing if I use the "--make-transitive-optimization-interface"
as a command line option: although I ask for structure sharing analysis,
no analysis is performed. So where is the conflict?

I'm a bit puzzled, and I don't really know where to look for the
problem... has anybody some ideas?

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