[m-dev.] Change of casting function names in Mercury solver types interface

Ralph Becket rafe at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Mon Oct 31 14:36:52 AEDT 2005

Currently a solver type with name t and arity n will have casting
functions defined for it with the following names:

	'representation of any t/n'
	'representation to any t/n'
	'representation of ground t/n'
	'representation to ground t/n'

I propose to change these to


respectively, omitting the `_n' parts if n = 0.

(1) Does anyone object to these names?

(2) I plan not to support the old names at all - all of the solver types
I am aware of live in the mercury or g12 repositories and I can change
them at the same time I make this change.  Does anyone object to this?

-- Ralph
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