[m-dev.] mercury meeting this morning

Julien Fischer juliensf at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Mon Jan 24 18:17:14 AEDT 2005

We had a quick meeting this morning in the Mercury office:

Attendees: mark, richardf, wangp, darkoj, rafe, juliensf

The main thing that we discussed was the next release.
Here is a brief summary of what was discussed.

We would like to fork the repository soon.  It was suggested
that we freeze it this weekend (from 12:01am Sat. (29/1) -
11:59pm ).

All being well, the fork will take place after that.
	[mark has volunteered to do this].

* We still need to determine which machines will be testing
  the release branch.  The list of grades that need to be
  tested on the release branch are in ~juliensf/release/GRADES.

Some things that need to be done:

	* move mdbcomp to a separate directory 	[zs working on this]

	* fix clp(r) interface		[rafe]

	* fix extras/trailed_update	[rafe]

Both of these are currently broken because of they use the
old version of solver types and haven't been updated since
Ralph changed everything.

	* retries through caught exceptions in mdb 	[maclarty]

Ian mentioned that he would like this include in the release.

	* canonicalization of interface files	[juliensf]

This has been largely done - it just requires further testing.

	* mprof abort with a map lookup error on earth and jupiter

This one looks like a problem with the demangler.

	* Check that `mmc --make' sets the install path correctly
	  for shared libraries on OS X. 	[juliensf or maclarty]

	* Remove support for the .rt grades, they won't work anymore.

	* The deep profiler is broken.

	* Have the compiler issues warnings for the use of
	  deprecated syntax such as `:' as the module qualifier.

I've already removed most (if not all) of this syntax from
the compiler, extras etc.  We currently issue warnings for
old-style lambda syntax but not for `:', old style mode
definitions etc.  (We discussed this and decided it would
be best if this were only done on the release branch, the
deprecated syntax can then be removed from the main branch.)

The following tests cases need to be looked at:

	* hard_coded/ppc_bug in reg.gc on OS X 	[juliensf]

	* valid/unused_args_test2 in various (all?) LLDS grades

	* hard_coded/parse in .profdeep grades

	* There are also a bunch of declarative debugger test cases failing.

There are also some tests failing in the .mm grades in
tests/mmc_make and tests/grade_subdirs.  I have a fix for this - I just
haven't committed it yet.

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