[m-dev.] TODO list for 0.12 release

Julien Fischer juliensf at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Tue Aug 16 14:08:43 AEST 2005

Here's an update on the status of the 0.12 branch.

On Wed, 6 Jul 2005, Julien Fischer wrote:

> --------------------------
> TODO list for Mercury 0.12
> --------------------------
> * test Mercury on Windows
I'm in the process of doing this.

> 	- also is the il grade still working?
This is still unknown.

> * further work deep profiler
> 	- it currently breaks on large programs like the compiler

The deep profiling tool itself is fine, the infrastructure in
the runtime still breaks on large programs though.

> 	- check if contour exclusion is working

> 	- try and port it to OS X
Done.  The deep profiler now works out-of-the-box on OS X.

> * update documentation, in particular:
> 	- README.MacOS needs to updated
Done by me, but not comitted.

> 	- the documentation regarding the java grade needs to
> 	  reflect the fact that it doesn't work
This still needs to be done.

> 	- if contour exclusion is working for the deep profiler,
> 	  it should be documented in the user guide
Not done.

> 	- Add a document that describes which versions of gcc
> 	  are (in)compatible with Mercury.  Also getting
> 	  configure to reject known dodgy versions of gcc
>  	  would also be good.
Not done.

> ---------------------------------
> Failing test cases on 0.12 branch
> ---------------------------------
> * valid/ho_and_typespec_bug

This is still broken.  [I've been working on this one on and off].

> * valid/constraint_prop_bug
This was only a problem on the main branch after the introduction
of scope goals.

> * hard_coded/ppc_bug in reg.gc, PPC/Darwin only.
>   If we can't resolve this one then the base grade on this
>   platform should be changed to none.
This is due to a (probably) buggy optimization in gcc.  It can
be fixed by disabling the optimization in question on this
platform (apple-darwin-powerpc).  Ian, were you going to
sort this one out?

> * debugger/declarative/sort in the .decldebug grades
>   I think the expected output is (still) wrong for this.

> * debugger/declarative/catch
> * tabling/memo_non
> * hard_coded/backend_external in .profdeep grades

These have been disabled because they rely on unsupported features.

The only other matter that came last time was support for gcc 4.0.
At the moment it looks like Mercury 0.12 won't work (easily) with
gcc 4.0.

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