[m-dev.] test failure on aral

Simon Taylor stayl at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Sat May 17 17:52:04 AEST 2003

On 16-May-2003, Mercury <mercury at cs.mu.OZ.AU> wrote:
> This is an automatic reminder.
> Some of the tests in the Mercury test suite are failing,
> apparently due to a change that you made (or approved).
> The issue in question is this:
> 	aral:
> 		- lots of tests fail in grade asm_fast.gc.debug.tr,
> 		  due to a problem with the grade-dependent `.opt' files
> 		  not being installed, or something like that

This is because on aral the library grades to install are specified
using non-canonical names (e.g. asm_fast.gc.debug.tr rather than

Mmake.common.in contains the following
> # By default, GRADESTRING is defined as the result of invoking
> # `mmc --output-grade-string' with $(GRADE) and $(GRADEFLAGS).
> # But when installing the standard library, the compiler will not yet
> # have been installed.  So we need to define GRADESTRING here, in a way
> # that doesn't require invoking mmc.
> #
> # Note that the definition below does _not_ include GRADEFLAGS.
> # So any changes to the grade flags for the standard library or 
> # compiler itself should be done by setting GRADE, not GRADEFLAGS.
Is there any reason why this isn't
	GRADESTRING	= $(shell $(SCRIPTS_DIR)/canonical_grade $(ALL_GRADEFLAGS))

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