[m-dev.] ICFP Contest: new planning idea

Ralph Becket rafe at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Mon Jun 30 14:23:35 AEST 2003

Okay, I'm working from home and the CVS thing didn't work out for me.
So I've attached the current state of play.

In fix.m:

I've recoded div and mul to use C with long longs, but not tested that
code.  Peter, can you send me your test program for that?

I've added sqrt, atan2 and anglediff and a few other things.

In plan.m:

I've implemented 8-way (rather than 4-way) ink-blotting and
first-attempt route finding.

I've also implemented the "corner cutting" optimisation where ABC is
reduced to AC if there are no obstacles between A and C.  This cuts
quite a few points out.

I've implemented a function aim_for_goal(X, Y, V, Action, CarState0,
CarState) which gives the action which steers a car in CarState0 towards
location X, Y aiming to arrive with speed V.

The next thing to do is implement the "stopping turns" simple approach -
this should be dead easy.

I've attached a tar file for your viewing pleasure.

-- Ralph
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