[m-dev.] ICFP Contest: Any signs of life?

Juergen Stuber stuber at loria.fr
Sun Jun 29 20:47:53 AEST 2003


> What do you reckon?

just an idea from me that seems promising and looks like
it could be nice to do in Mercury:

- How about working with the state space (4 dimensions, 2 space, 2 velocity)

- One could work with trees that split the space in cells,
  and in each cells have upper and lower bounds on the distance to
  start / goal, I'd guess that best should be linear approximations
  within the cell.

- Start with a representation of the track with unspecified velocity
  (except for start and goal of course).

- Fill in info based on cells neighbours
  (drive in extreme ways from extreme points of cell to get limits?).

- Refine by splitting cells with small lower bounds.

- Iterate until exact solution found (?)

W.r.t. the last item I'm not sure it is feasible, but from the face
of it it seems to be of space complexity n log n where n is the length
of the race, maybe with some power on the log.

I have a deadline tomorrow, so I can't really work on this.



Jürgen Stuber <stuber at loria.fr>

> rot 13 "fr"
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