[m-dev.] ICFP Contest: Any signs of life?

Michael Day mikeday at yeslogic.com
Sun Jun 29 13:15:07 AEST 2003

Hi Peter,

I'm having a go at the moment in Mercury.
Mind if I borrow your fixed point module? :)

I've written an ink blot distance calculator (actually just using the code
from last year, which also had a grid involved). This manages to find a
fairly efficient path in terms of distance, which of course is not good
enough for the car movement as the car doesn't follow the grid squares.

I'm using the distances as a heuristic for A* search, which is hopelessly
optimistic I suspect given the branching factor involved. So far it has
explored 40,000 nodes, and concluded that the best way to begin is by
accelerating for eight or ten time steps (on 1_Simple.trk).

How about you? :)

Michael Day

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