[m-dev.] .NET back-end status update

Fergus Henderson fjh at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Fri Feb 14 04:52:56 AEDT 2003

I can build the compiler in grade `il', and I can now get the resulting
mercury_compile executable to go as far as type-checking before it
falls over.  It dies due to a bug in the HLDS->MLDS code generator 
whose symptom is unresolved references to `dummy_var', which I will
fix soon:

	% Parsing file `hello' and imported interfaces...
	Warning: cannot find modification time for hello.m:
	  io__file_modification_time not implemented for this target (or
	compiler back-end).
	  Smart recompilation will not work.
	% Module qualifying items...
	% done.
	% Expanding equivalence types... done.
	% Converting parse tree to hlds...
	% done.
	% Writing auto-dependency file `hello.d'... done.
	% Type-checking...
	% Checking typeclass instances...
	% Type-checking clauses...

	Uncaught system exception: 
	System.MissingFieldException: Field not found:

So, still not yet bootstrapping, but we are getting closer ;-)

On the TODO list:

	- fix the bug with dummy_var [fjh]

	- implement library/time.m and io__file_modification_time for .NET.
	  This will involve using System.DateTime as a foreign_type
	  definition for time_t, and changing the existing C version
	  to also use a foreign_type. [fjh]

	- implement io__call_system_command (perhaps using native APIs
	  if needed, like we did for io__set_environment_variable/io__putenv)
	  [volunteers welcome]

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