[m-dev.] Problem with new operators

Ralph Becket rafe at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Mon Oct 28 17:49:43 AEDT 2002

Fergus Henderson, Monday, 28 October 2002:
> > I've been doing `mmake depend; mmake' etc. for an hour now and still
> > haven't got it to recognise @<.
> Does "@<" show up in the new version of builtin.int?
> Is your compiler reading in the right version of builtin.int?

No.  Which is odd.  I seem to recall problems in the past with .int
files not being rebuilt after changing .m files.

What's the correct mmake target?  I've tried `mmake ints', after touching
builtin.m and removing the .int files in the library directory, but it
didn't do anything and now I merely have no builtin.int files!

- Ralph
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