[m-dev.] Minimal streams diff

Michael Day mikeday at yeslogic.com
Thu Oct 3 13:04:48 AEST 2002

> My understanding was that these things were implemented so that the data
> was buffered first in "user space" by the posix library before being
> sent to the OS (which probably copies the data into another buffer...),
> thereby incurring only one syscall per user space buffer flush.  If this
> is so, then buffering yet again in Mercury is a mistake.

That is indeed how the C library fread/fwrite functions operate, as they
use FILE streams which include a buffer. However if you are
reading/writing a socket file descriptor directly using the read/write
syscalls, you need to do the buffering yourself.

But this is really getting into stream implementation issues, which will
not affect the design of the interface.


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