[m-dev.] Minimal streams diff

Ralph Becket rafe at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Thu Oct 3 10:14:22 AEST 2002

Fergus Henderson, Wednesday,  2 October 2002:
> 	- there might be an argument for moving some or all of the
> 	  functionality in extras/stream into the standard library;
> 	  I'd be happy to consider any proposals you have in this area.

I like this idea.  We could make std{in,out,err} instances of stream
classes in the io module and add type specialization pragmas if needed
to ensure good performance therein.

I think the stream module needs a little more thought, however.  There's
no way of handling such things as bulk IO and it only handles char
streams.  There are other issues such as buffering and blocking and so
forth to consider, as well.

(Admittedly, generalising away from char will probably require
a more powerful type class scheme.)

- Ralph
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