[m-dev.] for discussion: pragma foreign_import

Fergus Henderson fjh at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Thu Dec 6 13:56:23 AEDT 2001

Apart from the naming issue that Simon raised, this looks fine to me.
I have a few minor suggestions below.

On 05-Dec-2001, Peter Ross <peter.ross at miscrit.be> wrote:
> + at subsubsection pragma foreign_import for C
> +
> +To import a C function on the C backend
> +use @code{c} for @var{Lang},

I suggest s/@code/@samp/

> + at subsubsection pragma foreign_import for IL
> +
> +To import an IL function on the IL backend
> +use @code{il} for @var{Lang},

Likewise here.

> +and @var{Name} is the IL syntax for class method references.
> +
> +For example, the following code imports the IL function @samp{Cos()}

I suggest s/the IL function/the IL static member function/
and s/Cos()/System.Math.Cos()/

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