[m-dev.] naming policy for functions in trace/*.c

Fergus Henderson fjh at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Fri May 21 09:26:56 AEST 1999


What's our naming policy for functions in trace/*.c?
If the answer is that we don't have one, what should it be?

If I remember correctly, when we initially created the `trace' directory
and the libmer_trace library, I think I suggested that we should use a
different prefix than `MR_', because `MR' stood for `Mercury Runtime' and
was supposed to be used for things that went in the libmer_rt.
I think Zoltan suggested that we use `MR_trace' as the prefix for
the stuff in the new library.  But that seems to have been inconsistently

	(A) Number of functions starting with `MR_trace'
	(B) Number of functions starting with `MR_'

	FILE			        (A) (B)  Ratio
	mercury_trace.c                  4   4 100.00%
	mercury_trace_alias.c            6   6 100.00%
	mercury_trace_help.c             7   7 100.00%
	mercury_trace_readline.c         2   2 100.00%
	mercury_trace_internal.c        36  42  85.71%
	mercury_trace_browse.c           4   5  80.00%
	mercury_trace_query.c            3   4  75.00%
	mercury_trace_declarative.c     14  24  58.33%
	mercury_trace_external.c         6  18  33.33%
	mercury_trace_tables.c           0  15   0.00%
	mercury_trace_spy.c              0   5   0.00%

So, any suggestions?

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