[m-dev.] pred_markers

Andrew Bromage bromage at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Fri Jan 29 19:42:35 AEDT 1999

G'day all.

Thomas Charles Conway wrote:

> The type pred_marker is an abstract set of maker stored in the
> pred_info. Of the possible markers, terminates and does_not_terminate
> are two. Am I missing something, or should this information be associated
> with the proc_info rather than the pred_info? (ie is it not possible for
> one mode of a predicate to terminate, but another not?)

The Mercury trivial examples department proudly presents...

:- mode baz(in(bound(foo))) is det.
:- mode baz(in(bound(bar))) is erroneous.

baz(bar) :- baz(bar).

Andrew Bromage

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