[m-dev.] Re: "bug/feature" in mercury any

David Overton dmo at hydra.cs.mu.oz.au
Thu Jan 14 12:23:55 AEDT 1999

On Wed, Jan 13, 1999 at 03:38:56PM EST, Warwick Harvey wrote:
> So, can anybody (Andrew?) say for sure whether this will be solved by alias 
> tracking?  And how far off is the alias tracking code?

Hi Warwick,

Yes, this problem will definitely be solved by alias tracking.  This
example should work fine on the current alias branch compiler which
you can obtain by doing `cvs update -ralias' in the `compiler/'

Alias tracking does not currently work across branched goals.
However, I am working on this at the moment and should hopefully have
it working soon.


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