[m-dev.] Re: common-struct / polymorphism bug

Zoltan Somogyi zs at cs.mu.oz.au
Tue Jun 17 11:03:38 AEST 1997

> 		unique_modes.m
> 		polymorphism.m
> 		lambda.m
> 		simplify.m
> 		...
> Comments?
> (Did I miss anything?  Is there any reason why this might be a bad idea?)

Simplify can issue error messages. Can polymorphism and lambda make
modifications to the HLDS that would screw up the error messages?

The root problem is that simplify is now called twice, and the different
calls have different constraints on them. A better solution might be to
decouple these two calls, make them independent, with the only common thing
between them being that both call some of the same helper predicates.
(Certainly the original code of simplify that was invoked between unique
modes and polymorphism was quite limited in its ambitions.) Simon, is this


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