[Mercury Announce] Website/mailinglist/bugtracker downtime.

Paul Bone paul at bone.id.au
Wed May 15 13:13:09 AEST 2013

Welcome to the Mercury Announcements Mailing List.  This is the first e-mail
on this resurrected list for over 13 years, unfortunately it's rather boring.

We will be experiencing some website, mailinglist and bugtracker downtime
today at 8pm PDT / 1pm AEST / 3am UTC, these services may be unavailable for
5 hours or more.  Our hosting provider is moving their servers between data
centres today.  (The hosting company said 8pm PST but I think that they mean

This means that the web interfaces for these services will not be working
and messages sent to the mailing list may be delayed and (depending on the
configuration of the world's mailservers) may be rejected.

Your patience is appreciated.

Paul Bone

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