Announcing Mercury 0.7.3

Fergus Henderson fjh at
Sun Nov 2 18:16:24 AEDT 1997


The source distribution for Mercury 0.7.3 is now available from
<>.  This release corrects a
few problems in the 0.7.2. release.

NEWS for Mercury release 0.7.3

This release is primarily a bug-fix release.  The problems fixed
include installation problems on Windows, some problems with the
profiler, and compatibility with GNU Make versions >= 3.76.
But as well as bug fixes, there are a few minor improvements:

* The profiler now allows you to merge profiling data from multiple runs.

  There's a new script `mprof_merge_runs' to support this.
  See the "Profiling" section of the Mercury User's Guide,
  or the man page for `mprof_merge_runs'.

* Termination analysis no longer uses the `lp_solve' package,
  so we have removed it from the distribution.
  This avoids some portability problems and some copyright issues
  (the `lp_solve' package had a quite restrictive license).

* We've fixed one of the limitations: unique mode declarations
  no longer have to precede non-unique mode declarations.

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