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Lou Vaiano lou.vaiano at ltx.com.au
Mon Dec 11 10:15:44 AEDT 2017


My name is Lou Vaiano. The company I work for, LTX, has a number of
products in the home loan mortgage processing space.

We have a Mercury application, referred to as darci, that receives input in
the form of one or more HTML files and converts those into a single PDF
file. This currently runs on Solaris 8, Ubuntu and Red Hat.

We have a need to update darci and increase it's functionality. There is no
major urgency but we could get started as soon as someone was available.

At a high level we have the following mandatory requirements:

   - Update the Mercury compiler we are currently using from 11.07 to the
   current stable release Mercury 14.01.1.
   - Ability to recompile darci code into binaries for different platforms
   such as Linux, Solaris 10 and possibly Windows.
   - Ability to add new fonts without manually defining font metrics

We also have a number of secondary requirements:

   - Ability to add new fonts without recompiling the darci code
   - Ability to add a blank page
   - Ability to insert a static PDF
   - Ability to merge multiple PDF files into one PDF file
   - Ability to display page numbers as Roman Numerals
   - Ability to format content as Multi column
   - Ability to (optionally) embed font information into PDF so font is not
   required locally to view PDF
   - Ability to support UTF-8 characters

There are numerous other requirements which would greatly increase the
functionality of darci but are likely to require significantly more work,
such as support for CSS3 and HTML5. These can be discussed at a later date.

Please contact me if you are interested in performing this work or require
more information.

Lou Vaiano
LTX Pty Ltd
PH: 0422 660 798
EM: lou.vaiano at ltx.com.au
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