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Fabrice Nicol fabrnicol at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 02:42:45 AEDT 2022

And this sad Tesla story is what just happened in Paris. One dead, 20
(The article is in French but the embedded car crash video says it all.)

As a bonus consequence, the taxi company suspended its Tesla service, which
will cost them some.



> A real life example of "poking hopelessly at the code" of a system
> you don't understand, look at the woes of Tesla's so-called Full Self
> Driving software (which is full-self-driving ONLY in the sense that
> legally, you, the owner, have to fully drive your car yourself :-().
> The "code" in this case consists mainly of a set of machine learning
> systems
> that were not written by humans at all, so you can't understand it by
> asking its
> authors. And in their case, the "error messages" take the form
> of video recordings and telemetry records from situations in which
> the FSD system tried to steer the Tesla and its occupants into a collision.
> I was not making the argument in your point 1. I was saying rather
> that the compiler will compute the determinism for your code
> that your code deserves. That will be the determinism you intend
> only if your code did not have a bug :-(
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