[m-users.] Splitting up the documentation

Julien Fischer jfischer at opturion.com
Sun Jul 17 02:02:59 AEST 2022

On Sun, 17 Jul 2022, Zoltan Somogyi wrote:

> 2022-07-17 00:26 GMT+10:00 "Volker Wysk" <post at volker-wysk.de>:

> To get per-chapter HTML files for either the manual or the user guide,
> you would have to either
> - split up their .texi files, and try to process them separately, or
> - convert them to a single big HTML file as we do currently, and then
>  split up the HTML file.
> Both could be done using e.g. an awk of python script, but handling
> any cross-chapter references would be tricky.

texinfo can already do this using its --split option and the Mmakefile
in the doc directory is already set up to produce each of the documents
as either a single HTML file (the default) or as multiple HTML files
(split at the section level IIRC).

We use the latter on the website.


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