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Volker Wysk post at volker-wysk.de
Fri Feb 4 19:55:59 AEDT 2022

Am Freitag, dem 04.02.2022 um 09:27 +0100 schrieb Fabrice Nicol:
>     Hi Volker
> >       I want to read the contents of a file, using open_input,read_file_as_string, close_input. In case the file doesn't exist, I want toreturn an empty string. So, in case of an error, I want to determine if it'sbecause the file doesn't exist.
> > It isn't a show stopper to me, I can return "" in case of any error, but itisn't optimal.
> > Cheers,Volker
> >     
>     Why do you need to test according to io.error? 
>     io.error will only "materialize" logical failure. Which takes
>       place further up in the tree.
I don't get it.
>     So you just need to test against open_input out-mode argument
>       values.
>     Have you tried something along these lines?
I need to distinguish between "file does not exist" errors and other errors. I want the other errors stay errors, which will get reported later. Only "file does not exist" errors should be ignored.

Cheers, Volker
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