[m-users.] Problem with unique modes

Mark Clements (gmail) samuel.legotus at gmail.com
Fri Jul 23 23:08:42 AEST 2021

Fellow beginner - so I possibly should not answer:).

If you change the modes for the `fill` predicate back to `::sdi` and 
`::suo` and comment out `has_n(N2, !State)` then your code runs 
(attached). I suggest that the error for `hash_table.det_insert/4` has 
to do with writing the same values to an existing hash table (in 
parallel?) - but that explanation seems lacking, as the sequential tests 
are okay.

For the code, I also introduced a State variable - but that seems to be 
more a matter of style.

-- Mark

On 23/07/2021 03:27, Ricardo Correia wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm a Mercury beginner that is trying to learn the language and I'm not
> yet familiar with most of the Prolog/Mercury terminology, so please bear
> with me :)
> I have attached a Mercury program which is failing at runtime with an
> exception due to what seems to be a known compiler bug, but I'm not
> entirely sure.
> I have a `state` type which is composed of two integers and a hash
> table.
> Since it has a hash table, variables of this type should be unique, I
> assume, so that the program doesn't backtrack with respect to the
> contents of the hash table.
> However, I'm not entirely sure how to make type `state` unique.
> I've tried simply using the ::di and ::uo modes, but then fill/3 fails
> to compile the call to `hash_table.det_insert/4`,
> although I don't understand exactly why.
> Then, I tried to do what the `hash_table` standard library module does,
> I think, by declaring an instantiation (?) and some custom `sdi` and
> `suo` modes, because `hash_table` is also a type which has some integers
> and a vector (which also has to be unique) so I assumed my type was
> similar enough.
> This compiled fine but then the program fails with an exception because
> (as far as I can see) when backtracking, the integer fields within the
> `state` type do backtrack but the hash table doesn't.
> I am guessing that this is related to the first limitation mentioned in
> the `LIMITATIONS` file and in the hash table module -- specifically,
> that the Mercury compiler doesn't handle nested unique modes yet.
> Although, even if this is true, I am disappointed that the Mercury
> compiler didn't give me a warning or an error when compiling and allowed
> my program to misbehave at runtime.
> My questions are:
> 1. Is my understanding above correct?
> 2. Are there still plans to fix nested unique modes? Also, is this
> something that is being worked on?
> 3. Is there a way to still use hash tables or vectors within other types
> somewhat safely, i.e. in a way that the compiler warns if the code
> may backtrack unexpectedly, like it usually happens with the `io` type?
> Also, I should mention that as a beginner and even after reading both
> tutorials and some of the reference manual, I find that the LIMITATIONS
> file is extremely unclear with respect to the first limitation.
> These are the issues in the first limitation that I am struggling with:
> 1. It says that "definite aliasing" is "not allowed", however I still
> don't quite understand what "definite aliasing" is or what
> "is not allowed" means (does the compiler give a warning or error in
> this case or is the program simply miscompiled?).
> 2. It says that "partial instantiation" and "nested unique modes" are
> "unusable", but again, it doesn't explain what "partial instantiation"
> means nor what "unusable" means in this case. Again, does the compiler
> give a warning or error or is the program simply miscompiled?
> 3. It then gives a detailed explanation, but I'm not sure if the detailed
> explanation refers to the whole "definite aliasing" limitation or only to
> the "partial instantiation working by chance" issue.
> 4. The detailed explanation talks about scope, but again I don't know
> what scope means in this case (what other scopes are there?)
> 5. It refers to Mantis bug 311, which seems to have nothing to do with
> nested unique modes, I think. The attached program which exhibits the
> error in bug 311 *does* generate a compiler warning, but not my
> attached program.
> 6. The first limitation would be much clearer if there were some
> examples of code which works (including the special case mentioned in
> the detailed explanation) and code which should work but doesn't (and
> whether it doesn't because the compiler fails or because the program
> will misbehave at runtime).
> Thanks!
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