[m-users.] Multi predicate of entire enum

Zoltan Somogyi zoltan.somogyi at runbox.com
Mon Jul 20 14:44:42 AEST 2020

2020-07-20 14:37 GMT+10:00 "Ace" <sheganinans at gmail.com>:
> So say I have some enum:
> `:- type ex ---> a; b; c.`
> And I want to generate a function similar to:
> ```
> :- pred ex_mul(ex::out) is multi.
> ex_mul(a).
> ex_mul(b).
> ex_mul(c).
> ```
> Any kind of standard library predicate I can use so I don't have to add a
> new case to the predicate for every instance of the enum?

No, there is no such library predicate.

If updating the predicate manually becomes too much of a bother,
you could write a script (in sh, python, perl or something else) that
generates the definition of both the type and the predicate from
a single authoritative source in another file.


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