[m-users.] mercury-rotd-2019-01-03: --debug appears to be broken

Volker Wysk post at volker-wysk.de
Thu Feb 14 11:35:00 AEDT 2019

Am Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2019, 00:47:05 CET schrieb Julien Fischer:

> It's not a bug, it's just that the '--debug' option doesn't do what you
> think it does**.  Specifically, what it *does* do is add the .debug
> grade component to the current grade (asm_fast.gc) and attempt to
> compile the program in that grade (asm_fast.gc.debug).  The issue above
> is that the Mercury libraries are not installed in that grade in your
> installation. [...]

Thanks a lot! I can compile it with

mmc --grade asm_fast.gc.debug.stseg hello.m

and open it in the debugger.


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