[m-users.] Automated testing of Mercury code

Benjamin Schmidt benjamin.schmidt at alumni.unimelb.edu.au
Fri Sep 28 08:41:51 AEST 2018


I'm enjoying reviving my interest in Mercury at the moment.

I'm wondering if you know or are associated with any test frameworks for 

I came across this:


which is related to this paper:


but it seems to have gone stale (not compatible with the current release 
of the day, I suspect due to changes in the standard library). I'll 
probably see if I can fix it, but thought I'd ask as well, just in case 
you know of anything else.

I'm aware, of course, of hand-written tests in the compiler and other 
projects, but more ready-to-use tooling is of great benefit to the 
productive developer, so I'm interested in what's available in that space.

(I'm also interested in https://github.com/stewy33/hophacks2018 for the 
same reason but haven't had much chance to delve into it yet.)



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