[m-users.] ARM Linux toolchain

Vladimir Komendantskiy komendantsky at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 09:24:10 AEDT 2016

Hi Julien,

> I have been thinking about how to do this: we could have a new script in
> tools, (e.g. tools/configure_arm_linux_cross) and then add a new option
> to the configure script, --with-host-execs, which would cause it to
> install the executables from the host system rather than build them from
> the target system.  The new option may as well disable compilation of
> the target executables as well since in that scenario all we care about
> is the libraries.
Sounds to be a good idea. Would that in principle allow using a bare metal
toolchain? Now configure filters those out.

> True, although it's only significant if you wish your cross-compiler to
> able to compile things in the java grade.  However, since it's Java
> you may as well just compile on the host system and copy the .jars
> across.
Right. There seems to be no point enabling the Java back-end in the

> They are probably statically linked, against the Mercury libraries if
> not the system ones.  Try compiling with "--mercury-linkage shared".
Thanks for the suggestion... but the sizes remain the same. I tried
--linkage shared as well.

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