[m-users.] ARM Linux toolchain

Vladimir Komendantskiy komendantsky at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 06:47:59 AEDT 2016


Julien's solution worked well for me. I think it can be formalised in a
script as a kind of stage 1 compiler (targeting the host arch).
Incidentally, as well as compiler_mercury_compiler, there is at least
mfilterjavac/mfilterjavac that has to be built for the host architecture on
stage 1.

Running the compiler in emulation as it was suggested by Peter would
probably be possible but I haven't tried that. It should slow down the
"make install" stage significantly and would require a target system rootfs.

An issue with the compiled binaries is their size (above 1M at least). Is
the binary size similar with the Mingw cross-compiler? Is it supposed to be
improved by manual assignment of config variables?

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