[m-users.] Beginner question: How to use an installed library

Dirk Ziegemeyer dirk at ziegemeyer.de
Fri Sep 4 20:44:31 AEST 2015

It’s my first time that I want to install and use an external Mercury library. I followed the instructions in the user guide but wasn’t successful.

First I installed Julien’s mercury_csv library:
$ make INSTALL_PREFIX=/Users/dirk/temp/mercury_csv install

Then I try to use the library:
csv-test dirk$ mmc --make infer_desc_ex --ml libmercury_csv --mld /Users/dirk/temp/mercury_csv/lib/mercury
mercury_compile: error: the library `libmercury_csv' cannot be found in grade `hlc.gc’.

The attached screenshot shows the directory structure of the folder /Users/dirk/temp/mercury_csv. There is a subfolder lib/mercury/lib/hlc.gc which probably holds the library in it.

I use Mercury Compiler version rotd-2015-02-20 on a Mac.

Thank you in advance!


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