[m-users.] problem with unique modes

Matthias G├╝demann matthias.guedemann at googlemail.com
Tue Jun 16 15:52:23 AEST 2015

>> Is this the way to go?

> It's a workaround for the above limitation. Whether it solves your
> problem is a different question.

:-) I should have been more precise in my question ...

well, looks good for the moment for what I want it to do.

Out of interest:

I found a thread from 2008 about this topic, where Ralph Becket writes

 "We do have a workable analysis sketched out, but just don't have the
  resources to fix this particular problem at the moment."

also in this thread, Edsko de Vries managed to abuse insts to duplicate
the IO state, this still works (rotd-06-04)


Is this topic still worked on?

Best regards,

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